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NEW T111
The new T111 is a “square” motor with a slightly larger 4-1/8″ bore and a moderate 4-1/8″ stroke which yields 111 in³ displacement.
Since it is not as tall as our T124, the T111 engine easily fits in the stock frame. This engine is designed to be torquey and smooth, and is a direct replacement for the H-D® Twin Cam 88®. With the S&S IST ignition or knock-sensing Variable Fuel-Injection module, and a moderate compression ratio of 9.8:1, T111 engines are pretty tolerant of the occasional tank of substandard gasoline. 4-1/8″ stroke not only keeps mechanical noise down, but contributes to long engine life as well. To keep valve train noise to a minimum, the T111 comes with S&S low mass, single coil, Sidewinder™ valve springs and 585 cams. Due to the moderate lift of these cams, we were able to use our non-roller rocker arms, which also make a contribution to noise reduction. T-Series engines is that natural finished engines have been replaced by engines with a durable, stock-like silver powdercoat finish

Not a reproduction, the P-Series is loaded with modern technology. The heads are a new design based on our SH-Series engines, topped with roller rockers (1.500 ratio). We incorporated the S&S hydraulic valve train, increasing cam choices dramatically and improving oiling throughout the engine.
The P-Series will be available in 93", 93" high compression and 103? high compression versions. Each will utilize the new S&S Super Stock ignition in our billet timer housing. Applications will be broad stroke. The 1955-64 version will fit in 1948-53 models if a tin primary is used. Another version to fit 1965-69 models will be available, and, of course, a third version will fit 1970-?99 chassis so you can build virtually anything with this new engine.

All-new and ready to keep the industry riding air-cooled pushrod v-twins even with ever-tightening EPA regulations. Three belt driven cams, 56-degree v-angle and a host of exciting features, the X-Wedge is a technical marvel.

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